Thursday, June 17, 2010

my new ride

I have had my car for almost a week now. It surely is different than princess.

I am kinda short of time here, so I'll just summarise what I like and dunlike ...

what I like
- it is quite responsive than I expected. Going uphill is a slight push, but not so noticeable
- feels light. Not sure if I like or not, cos I am used to the feeling of heaviness in princess
- ada emergency kit, ada emergency triangle. and first aid kit. ekceli belum bukak, so dun really know whats in it
- seat is quite comfy
- behind cabin is more spacious than I tot
- ada mute button at the audio system

what i didnt expect :
- quite noisy , tot it was quieter
- basic audio. Ada ke the equaliser is set to presets of : Compact, Sedan, Minivan. Not sure if this is a joke or what???
- No RDS. On off from the Off button
- display is really basic. No date, no indictor of how many km left of fuels

Whatever it is, I think I am yet to get used to it and once I have I think I would enjoy it more.

Anyhoot.... introducing for the first time in Fluff BomBom... (err... takde nama yet... so far only panggil 'adik' , and bonjot is now officially 'abang' . Why? cos both are black machines... so macam adik beradik.. ... erk logic ke??)