Thursday, June 03, 2010

100+ years old book!!

Yep you read it right. A 100+ year old book. In fact to be precise 120 years old.

In the midst of looking for some documents at his parents place, Rizal showed me this signature on a book

It was signed in 1893!!! Took a second look and yep my brain read it right - it was indeed signed like a century ago. I was astonished! Still couldnt believe it, I looked at the year it was printed. And guess what???

It was printed in the year 1890! How amazing is that.

And the book is still in good condition, I was so so surprised that Rizal just left it there on the bookshelf together with his other books. So good it is (for a century year old book) I bet I could sell it in ebay for good bucks.

I mean arent this book like a history material now..? And arent we supposed to like not touch it and keep it in a temperature controlled display glass ur sumthin like they did in Da Vinci Code??? For a second, I thought that I might torn the pages while reading it.

And you know how did Rizal own this book? He bought it for merely £2 at the NewCastle Sunday Market. Talk about finding treasures huh?

Anyhoot, after realising how OLD the book is, it dawned upon me - What DID people write about those days??? I mean surely at that time life is probably something like a scene out of Sense and Sensibilities, no?

here is a peek..

Out of curiosity, I must read this book or at least read partially since Rizal said it wasnt really easy to read with the old english style of literature.

But honestly what made me really really want to take it home is because I need to capture it... I just have to.. (its just simply too precious to ignore :))) )

the already jagged pages...

seasoned look...