Monday, May 17, 2010

Bounty Hunter

As Rizal has been down with fever and cough, there was not much activity done this weekend, tapi sempat lah jugak catch one movie.

I wanted to see Robin Hood but Rizal dont seem to be excited about it. He was more interested in seeing Bounty Hunter as apparently this one was top of the movie chart list for 2 weeks before Iron Man 2.

The storyline is very simple - it is about a bounty hunter whose current hunt is none other than his ex wife. Just as its storyline, there was nothing spectacular about this movie. Despite its famous line ups such as Jennifer Aniston and Gerald Butler, the movie to me was a flop. It was boring, and both me and Rizal came out of the movie feeling cheated.

So how many stars you say? Hmm.. maybe just 4 out of 10