Monday, May 03, 2010

Au revoir Princesse, merci..

The time has come for me to say good bye to my dear Princesse. Officially signed off and handed over the car to its new boss on Monday afternoon 3rd May 2010 - exactly 7 years 5 months after I owned it.

Words cannot describe how I feel. As I was driving the car for the last time, I was sobbing, and for a moment, had this crazy thought of cancelling the whole thing. But I knew it wouldnt be a wise move. As much as I loved princess, it has becoming a liability of late.

I still remember the joy when I first drove it home. It was a car that I have been eyeing for quite a while, and just like the way I sold it, it wasnt planned. I didnt plan to buy a car, but just decided to check it out. After seeing it, it didnt take me long to decide - in fact it was like love at first sight. (I still have some photos of me checking out the car , see kat bawah ni.. :) )

So much has happened since then, Princess has taken me to all over the place over time. To the beaches and mountains, to the city and kampungs, princess has been a loyal ride, never complaining, never failing.

As a final good bye I just would like to dedicate this post to princess.

Thank you so much for serving me well all these years, and please be good to your new owner. You are always in my heart ..