Sunday, May 02, 2010

IP Man 2

Yep, we watched another movie this week. This time its Ip Man 2. I didnt watch the first Ip Man so cant comment much if one is better than the other.

For those who doesnt know who Ip Man is - he is Bruce Lee's sifu. So this movie is actually based on real story - real people.

Ip Man 2 starts with snippets of ending scene of Ip Man, where he was shot by the Japanese. He then fled to Hong Kong and tried to make a living there by setting up a Kung Fu School.

The movie is really about his struggle in Hong Kong, and how he came up as hero in the end. It wasnt really a smooth sailing journey for him to set up the school - Lack of interest , not having enough money, having to earn his status of Sifu by fighting with all other Sifus in Hong Kong before being recognised as one, the list goes on.

Being without money and with dignity, he refused to budge in to the demands of Master Hung Chun-nam who is the richest and most influential Martial Arts Master in HK. The hostile treatment didnt last long though, especially after Master Hung realises what a good man Ip Man is. Their fragile friendship did not last long though when Master Hung was killed tragically defending the dignity of Chinese Martial arts against Twister (who thinks Boxing is better than Chinese Martial Arts). Btw, in this movie - they really potrayed the English as such a bitch, sampaikan dengan me sekali bengang giler with those Englishman okay hehe.

Anyway, Ip Man brought back dignity in the Chinese, when he fought back against the cocky English boxer in a subsequent Boxing match intended to pacify the controversy created with the cruel death of Master Hung. He won triumphly - beating Twister on his face just like how Twister killed Master Hung.

IP Man 2 had all good casts - Sammo Hung and Donnie Yep , who in real life is known for their Chinese Martial arts skills.

Overall I would rate it an 8/10.