Friday, May 14, 2010

Daughters Of Arabia

When I looked back through this blog, I was surprised to find that I had never once mentioned of my other passion - which is reading.

Being an avid reader, I obviously frequents bookstores and online books/blogs. When I was younger I used to love going to libraries, I could sometimes be there for hours and hours reading one after another book.

In my family, Ayah is the other person who likes to read besides me. So I guess my reading habit was inherited from him. I remember when I was younger we had like a whole wall full of story books, mags, reader's digest and whole lot of other reading materials.

So, upon realising the fact that I hadnt written anything about my books I decided to start with the current book I am reading.

Daughters of Arabia by Jean Sasson

I picked this book when we were in Borders last weekend. Havent really finished reading it - and have been enjoying it so far.

Its a true story about the lives of a Princess from the Royal family of Saudi. She is one of the Al-Saud, and she (narrated by the writer) is telling the story about being a princess and the challenges of raising her children. This book is actually a continuation to an international best seller titled Princess. I am yet to read it, but will surely hunt for it in the bookstore soon.

This interesting book unveiled the dilemma and challenges of being a woman and a mother within Saudi royals. They live in luxury, with tonnes of money but confined and controlled in the men-ruled country. In her eyes, she told us the story of how more often than not, in Saudi the teachings of Islam were being misinterpreted and concluded to suit men's need and convenience rather than interpreted according way of Islam.

Reading this book made me realise, we the Malaysian are probably having the best of every side of the world. I mean the Arabs are rich, but they are not able to do as they please. In the west on the other hand, we are able to do whatever we want but the freedom can easily make us forget and drift us away - or in some cases, could land us unnecessary trouble with racist issues. Here is Malaysia, we have a balance, a real balance. And it is just really up to us to decide how devoted or devious we want to be. It is really up to us to make the difference in our life. And for that I thank Allah for have given us this opportunity and I prayed that me and my family will always be on the right path.