Saturday, December 29, 2012

Jack Reaper


At first I actually thought this movie was a remake of those jack reaper movies.

Its not, and it was surprisingly good. 

Its centers adound a killing spree by an ex-army who had history of similar killings, only that it is not what it is. Here comes Jack Reaper who was also in the army - the very person who investigate his previous case and through the evidences knew that he couldnt have done it. 

The movie slowly unfolds each evidences to finally reveals that the motive behind the killings.

My rating: 8/10

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Installing HDD to Dune HD media player


This is going to be a basic guide, mainly to give an oversight of whats inside the hood & quick overview of configuring the system storage. Hopefully it'll help you people who were confused like me , to decide if this dune is for you or not. 

Before i start - i should say you basically dont need to do the steps i'm about to explain in this post, the dune hd media player will run out of the box, if you are looking for a simple plug and play device.

I however opted to install an internal HDD for several reasons:
1. I dont have enough storage elsewhere to host the kind of volume these movies and videos are going to accumulate
2. I hated how uncool the dangling external HDD looked on my shelves - kinda defeats the purpose having a small media player
3. When you disconnect and reconnect the external HDD, it doesnt always remember the same volume name. Which is not an issue if you dont intend to use a collection application like zappiti or dune movie. In my case- going through movie titles without some kind of visuals is just not gonna cut it for me
4. Without an internal HDD, I will need to stick an empty USB stick permanently there to store the system storage files ( again, if u intend to use zappiti, u'll need this).

What you will need is just a 2.5" HDD - maximum 2 TB, according to the documentations. I bought a 1TB, so I cant tell you  what will happen if u stick a higher capacity disk. It is also recommended to buy the green version so that you can keep temp lower, and also keep the rpm low. Apparently there will be issues if you use higher rpms like 7200.  Note: You should also know that the Dune gets a bit heaty when left even at standby mode. 

Ok. Now, here are images i captured and basic steps just to show whats inside the hood n installing the hdd.

- unscrew the two tiny screws at the sides, and lift the cover (the sides with the writings like below)

- the inside is quite easy to guess. So just mount the HDD with the M3 sized screws provided at the cover's back. There is plastic film there presumably to protect the HDD's backside. 

- connect the SATA and power cables and fit it back in

Once the HDD installed, you will automatically see it on the screen

Will continue tomorrow with part 2 - to configure the HDD, and installing system storage. Stay tuned.

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BMI calculator


Okay peeps ..time to get healthy. Calculate your bmi here!

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Sunday, October 07, 2012

Bye bye AFC


After a series of failures in baking - I decided that I am just not meant to be Bree Van Dekamp, and channeled my energy towards what I love best - IT. So folks on my next few posts, you'll see more reviews on gadgets and stuff rather than the kitchen department. So long AFC, welcome :D

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Midnight Sun



I was almost giddy with excitement when I realised what Midnight Sun was. I could not stop smile, ear to ear, and I was really really wishing that it was the weekend already where I can take it slow and read letter by letter, line by line, without ever needing to stop.

Edward was never really my favorite character, I somehow prefer Jacob because he was funnier. Yes, I do have a thing with joker/funny guys. Edward, while he is sweet and very gentlement, is just too patronising to my liking.

But whoa... After reading the midnight sun, I understood him more, and I came to like him a bit whole lot more. I now see him clearly, and after seeing the conflicts and thoughts in his mind, I came to appreciate and like him more. He actually sounded normal, unlike in twilight - where he appears to be like too worldly-goody-two-shoes. 

It was a journey on its own, seeing him trying to understand all those unknown feelings. Knowing what his life was like before Bella- or i should say lack of life.  He never knew what love felt like, never knew the intensity of jealousy could bring, never knew what happiness really meant. And to see his rage, when he was jealous or protecting Bella from harm was endearing. Not forgetting when he tries so hard trying to understand Bella was quite comical. Stalking her without her realising, ignoring all those risks and making all sorts of vampire faux pas,  like walking in the sun just trying to peek her book when she was asleep or when he did all those surveillance - anxious about wanting so much for Bella to also like him.. I then finally understood why he was like that in Twilight. 

It is nice to know that he doesnt always hold it together, and he too are battling with insecurities and he struggles too like each one of us, and he has a darker side.

It is enlightening, to say the least.

In short I no longer see him as the annoyingly perfect creature Bella seem to have potrayed him to be, but instead I see him like the heartthrob everyone else seem to think he is :)))

Honestly, I don't know myself anymore...... (drooling mode on)... :D

Note: midnight sun is a partial rough draft of Stephenie Meyer's book which was leaked online. It was meant to be Twilight companion book- the tale re-tell in Edwards view instead of Bella. 

I am not going to post it here , out of respect for the author, but if you are interested in reading it, i think u can find it on Stephenie's official website.

I do hope that she would finish it, cos I enjoyed reading what little of it way way to much. :)

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Twilight Saga the movies


Again, this is one of those belated post. I have actually watched the movies a while back, but I just didnt feel excited enough to write about it.

The movies were, if I have to summarised, just such a big disappointment.

I was sooo glad that I had opted to read all the books first, rather than do the shortcut and watch the movies. Because peeps, I tell ya the movies seriously did not do justice to the funny, witty and entertaining book they are.

I dont know if it was the bad acting, or the lack of depth the movie presented or what, all in all the movie just didnt impress me. To the point that I almost could not bother to watch the remaining sequels after twilight. ( the sucker that I am, I did watch anyway though with much less enthusiasm). Believe it or not, the one person I actually enjoyed watching in the movie was Charlie, cos I thought he did a great job realising his character on the big screen. The wolves clan came second,  especially Sam and little Seth. Jacob is definitely someone to drool at though in twilight he wasnt much, but he grew in his character especially towards the breaking dawn. 

There are just gazillions funny, sarcastic and heart fluttering moments in the book that was not captured, instead they had to pick the dull ones (to me at least). If you just watch the movies you are really missing a lot, it was just too bland and monotonous to my liking.

So there you have it - my take on the twilight saga the movie. I could read the book over and over again, but I cant say the same for the movies. For me, it was far cry from the great novels they really are. What a shame ....

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Osaka Cake


With this, I declare that I am totally done with baking.  DONE. DONE. DONE!!!

Sebab frust, malas nak cakap bebanyak.

This is how the kitchen looked like:

And this is how the outcome is like:

Dont ask me why it became senget benget, because i seriously have no idea. And kalau senget benget but edible takpe jugak, ni nay, it is not fit to consume either... Huhuhu..

And since the filling was successful (after two tries i hv to say) ,I just improvise and makan with apple instead. Habih cito..

By the way this is how it is supposed to look like:

Osaka cake, recipe n image from : 

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Thursday, September 06, 2012

Strawberry milkshake


Two words : easy peasie!

What u need (to make about 1 ltr):

1. Strawberries 25 pieces ripe medium size
2. 3 tablespoon cream ( i didnt have milk, so i substitute with cream)
3. 200 - 300 ml chilled water or crush iced
4. Sugar 4 tsp 
5. Blender 

The process:
1. Blend the strawberries with water
2. Add cream and sugar, blend a bit more

And we are done!

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Monday, September 03, 2012

Day one - In the quest to shred 5 kgs in a month


Breakfast - one mug nescafe + 1 karipap

Lunch - tofu soup + chinese tea

Teatime - one bun + breakfast bar

Dinner - mushroom soup + steak + corn + tomatoes

- 20 minutes of alternate briskwalk + run
- 7 mins workout

Pix: ( home made dinner): not mine, I had half of those

Cream mushroom soup


Never knew that Oyster mushroom could also be used to make mushroom soup.

I googled up and saw some others making it with assorted mushrooms like button & wild ones.

Since oyster mushroom's all I have, and I have a lot of those, i just gave it a go.

I didnt measure exactly so I'll just use rough estimation in the list.

-oyster mushroom (1 bowl / 2.5 cups)
-water (1 bowl / 2.5 cups)
-half piece chicken stock cube
-6 tblsp olive oil (if still not enough add a bit more)
-shredded cooked chicken meat (3 tblsp
-2 tblsp cream
-2 tblsp thyme
-salt n pepper to taste
-italian parsley (garnish)

The method:
1. Sautee onions until translucent
2. Add mushroom, sautee till soften
3. Add water and chicken stock cube
4. Bring to boil
5. Add thyme, salt and pepper
6. Simmer until taste is blended well and soup thickens a bit
7. Turn off fire and blend the mushrooms. I used a hand blender so it can be done on the pot itself and while its hot. If using a normal blender please cool it off a bit before blend.
8. Once blended, simmer a bit more and add the cream

Serve while hot, and dribble a bit more cream as deco, and garnish with italiab parsley if prefered.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Twilight Saga


I know, I know. I am sooo ketinggalan zaman.

But it does come with a good perk - where I dont need to wait nor pause :))

I am talking about the twilight saga - yes, I have finally been bitten by the bug. Haha. All four years too late. Imagine that..

It started few months ago when my nextdoor neighbor at work gushed about it, she too was like me, a late bloomer so to call, baru nak sibuk discover the fuss of the saga. I still didnt think much of it then, I wasnt much keen on fantasy kind of books/movies, and my biggest reluctance was due to knowing that the word vampire is in it. She however assured me that it is not one that is scary.

And so my curiousity roused - and I wasnt very objectable on the idea of reading the book anymore- in fact I bought two of the series during the BBW (hardcover for RM5 i must add :D) . They however were stashed in my bookcase - on my KIV book to read list, while I happily read my other books first.

Until I was at cousin's house - I had no book with me, and she had the first book of the series. I thought why not, and guess what - I COULDNT STOP!

This whole week I was like a zombie, reading and reading and reading, one after another, like I was racing for a finishing line - non stop. I read till late at night (actually more appropriately morning) and had only few hours of sleep, before going to work, and come back to continue reading. To the extend of masak pun I still read... Like - Pause reading - Heat pot on the stove - Cont read until minyak dah panas - pause reading - throw the fish in - cont reading till time to turn the fish - etc etc.. you get the gist. haha

Soo engrossed I know. My oh My, How I just wished for the last book (I am down to Breaking Dawn already), is done and over with already. Penat!! But definitely satisfying.

OK, now, before you ask whats the whole point of this post, I shall (chewah dah jadi Edward pulak ever so courteous) start with my reviews.

I supposed no need to say -You surely already know the book is mindbooglingly hard to put down - even for me who no longer really fall for the head-over-heels kind of love story. And yes, for the benefit of the non-converts - it is a love story.

Twilight - As it would with most of the best-sellers, the first book usually is the most exciting. When I read it, I somehow could almost understand and feel Bella - like I am her. Her perplexity over Edward's reaction, and her awe with the Cullens. How the book potrayed her being clumsy and prone to all sort of mishaps were very just, and you could just agreeing - no questions asked- how easily she would be among the 'others'. How you could just see why Edward is being so protective over her, and how they just clicked and be each other's soulmate.

The New Moon - It started with harrowing, with Edward leaving Bella in a lurch. Here, for some reason I could not really feel the loss of him going away. Partly because I knew that Edward was coming back -no thanks to the saga being highly publicised and fussed about so much that though I never really followed it, I still knew anyway that he left and came back in the end. Though maybe a tad corny to my liking but still, tt was still nice and all gooey though when Edward came back. I'd have to say that introduction of Jacob is cleverly done, and Jacob is indeed a character that you could warm up to. You know like the 'bad boy' kind of appeal. Fun loving and never cease to bore.

Eclipse - In Eclipse, where differences between Edward and Jacob were highlighted, it had indeed made me question Bella's sanity. Particularly on the fact that the Cullens are generally the cold ones. Its a bit a drawback I'd say, cos Edward is always described as hard and cold (in literal sense of course), and I couldnt help but think - especially on the cuddles - I could not comprehend or in a way accept that this is one of the trait's Bella enjoy. Because I for sure wouldnt be. I mean, when you cuddle what made it nicer or the default expected feeling is to feel warm and fuzzy (in and out)- rather than cold. So that in a sense, kinda throw me off a bit. And Edward's selflessness is starting to tire me. He's like the too good to be true kind of person, too worldly goody. Plus the emphasis on never risking Bella's life was getting a bit too obsessive- in a way that it kind of obscure the out-of-the-world-kinda-love that they have. It made Edward look more like an overtly obedient if not obsessive protector/guardian of Bella, rather than her greatest love. Next to Jacob's funloving attitude (which I obviously prefer by a long mile, as u'd hve guessed), Edward seems like a pale (no pun intended ,haha) option.

The Breaking Dawn - I am just starting. So stay tuned :)
Update: Edward continued to be annoyingly patronizing in the beginning part of the book. When Bella's life is threatened with the child she is carrying, he actually thought of asking Jake to make out with Bella - so long as she will live. I was like, erk... This is too much.. If I were Bella, I would probably have kicked his ass without second thought for even THINKING about it. Tsk tsk tsk... 
Luckily it didnt get any sickening than that, and the story was actually quite interesting. Especially after Bella has become a vampire herself. On how she is adjusting to be humanlike, and trying to remember to fidget.. and sit after standing for a period of time.. Vice versa when she is learning to do things the vampire way, those bits are funny and entertaining to read.
I am also loving the part on Jacob's perspective (part 2). Thanking profusely that it was from Jake's view not Edward (imagine that- must be dull like crazy..).
Though I kinda melted when Bells is already on par with Edward omce she is a vampire herself. He wasnt sooo careful and holding back like a he was before.. AND she gets a blardy ferrari as the 'after' car!!! How i wish..In my dreams..hahahha
On the final part, when Volturi and its entourage came, I was kinda disappointed that they didnt actually fight, and volturi just retreat - after getting nowhere with Bells saving the day. It was kinda dragged a bit, with no action - i am thinking the movie would be a bit dull if they actually follow it to the dot. I mean for book, its ok, but for movie, if the confrontations part stays as non fighting scene, feels incomplete.

All in all, twas a good read. I wished I had read it sooner - but, better late than never ay ;)

I am planning to marathon the movies soon. Tunggguuuuuu...

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pineapple jelly with strawberry toppings


Next door neighbor is having a raya open house, I didnt have the time nor the right stuff to prepare something more substantial.

Anyway Mr Fluff thought its not necessary to bring anything since it is an open house, but being rumah sebelah i feel its just good gesture to come with something rather than empty handed.

And desserts is as good as any, and it takes minimal effort, and very little time to make.

What you need:
- one packet of agar2
- water 1400ml
- coloring (i didnt hv any hence the pale color)
- mix fruit (i only use pineapple & cherry)
- sugar (i use about 1 cup, can reduce if prefer less sweet)

The method:
1. Just boil water with the agar2
2. Add sugar and coloring once boil
3. Stir until all dissolve
4. Turn off fire

In the serving casserole:
1. Put in the mix fruit - arrange sporadic

2. Pour the agar2 mix

3. Cool room temperature until less heaty (abt 5 mins)

4. Cool in refrigerator until serving time

Note: i didnt hvae any coloring hence the garnishing of strawberry on top to make up for it.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kek pisang


I had few over ripe pisang at home, and had made some cekodok, but still left with extras.

So I tried kek pisang, which is one of my favorite. Satu lagi favorite is kek pandan tapi tengok recipe macam complicated so until today belum try2

Anyway. As usual googled up recipe, tengok mana yang senang.

Found one that is simple and with all the ingredients yang memang dah ada at home;


2 cwn tepung gandum
1 s/k baking powder - i didnt add (tak tahu pulak its different than bica-soda)
1 s/k soda bikarbonat
1 cawan gula
3 biji pisang yang telak dilenyek
1/2 cawan minyak masak
esen vanila
2 biji telur


1. Ayak tepung gandum, soda bikarbonat dan baking powder, gliss acuan kek dan panaskan oven 180darjah.

2. Kemudian, putar telur dan gula hingga kembang, masukkan esen vanila dan pisang, putar lagi dan kemudian masukkan tepung.

3.Akhir sekali baru masukkan minyak masak dan kacau sebati, selepas itu masukkan dalam acuan kek dan bakar pada suhu 180 darjah selama 40 minit atau satu jam.

The outcome:
- Hangus sikit, i think 30 mins is sufficient
- the taste- okay.. Not so fantastic but not disappointing either

Picca? Sila jgn gelak at my kek pisang hangus ok

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Dim Sum for supper


Errr no, I didnt make it myself. I bought frozen - supposedly pre-cook ones.

Just need to steam and there goes.. A homemade dimsum

The verdict - so so only except the dumplings. Siew Mai is ok but i think it needed few more minutes before it tastes its best. The roll, i reckon deep fry would be better.

Cooking instructions:

To steam with pressure cooker (which is what I did):
Around 10 mins with low pressure

To steam (non pressure):
I think need 30 - 40 mins

To fry:
Just fry until skin turns brownish

Alternatively can just boil or add in the soup, i think probably take around same time it took to steam (cos it is slightly raw, and NOT precooked.

Monday, August 06, 2012

Kurma daging


Update: Tested last saturday. Not so successful at first due to lack of onions. Recipe corrected.

Below recipe is just my notes and has not been tried yet. Will refine once tested.

It is measured to make one kilo meat.

The ingredient of kurma paste (garam masala):
-kulit kayu manis x 1 •
-jintan putih x 2 tbsp
-jintan manis x 2 tbsp •
-kas kas x 2 tbsp (or more)
-cengkih x 4 pieces •
-buah keras
-halia x 1.5 inch
-small red onions x 7
-big onions x 3
-garlic x 3
-black pepper x 2 tbsp
-coriander/ketumbar 1/2 cup

Blend red onions first to liquidify the others. Add in all others and blend well. It should come up like a paste.

Other ingredients:
- Meat x 1 kg (cut in big chunks)
- Santan x half kelapa
- 2 spoons x yogurt
- bawang besar x 2 (cut in quarters)
- bunga lawang x 2
- daun pudina
- cili hijau (cut in halves)
- asam keping x 2

1. Mix well meat with kurma paste and pinch of salt

2. Heat oil (lots) + 1 tsp butter

3. Tumis bunga lawang and the meat already mixed with kurma paste

4. Add in hot water, to help meat tender

5. Add in santan + bawang besar. Cook till meat is tender.

6. Towards finishing, add daun pudina + asam keping + green chillies

This recipe is the Penang version where the consistency is thick.

Recipe courtesy of Mama cheras n sis.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Surau Nurul Iman PUJ9


Its the first time I felt so humbled when praying. For the 36 years of my life, I never felt this way. It was a feeling of sad, sad that I didnt do enough to help build the surau, it was a feeling of shame, for spending a lot of money elsewhere when I could have helped build a proper place for people to pray, it was a feeling of renewed determination, to help more when possible and to forgo my wants for unnecessary things.

I dont have a surau around the vicinity of my house. We dont have a masjid as well. We have an allocated plot, but the surau is way far from having enough funding. I knew about this, but until yesterday, when I had to pray on pieces of plywood, with just a tent as my roof, till then it didnt occur to me that much more is needed for the surau.

So readers, if it is in the off chance of you reading this, and having extra bucks in your pocket, or just would want to help and do your part, please feel free to donate to details below:

SurauName : Surau Nurul Iman PUJ 9.
Bank: bank islam malaysia
Account Number: 14238010002046

Tarawikh 2012

In cabin

Outside cabin, under tent

The letter

Hadith no: 738 Narrated / Authority of: Jabir bin Abdullah that the Messenger of Allah (saw) said: “Whoever builds a masjid (mosque) for the sake of Allah, like a sparrow’s nest or even smaller, Allah will build for him a house in Paradise.” (Sahih)

For more info and contacts, please visit the fb page:

Thanks for reading, may Allah bless our deed

Monday, July 16, 2012



I didnt use any specific recipe, instead just looked at few and tried it.

Most recipe calls for about the same main ingrediants and cooking method.

What i did was:

1. Cook the meat with chopped onions, garlic, thyme, basil and rosemary. Sautee first then let simmer.

2. Somewhere added the cubed tomatoes and tomato puree (small can).

For layers
I put the lasagna sheet at the bottom after lining the casserole with baking oil.

Then one layer if meat, followed by parmesan, then meat again, and finally mozarella.

The bakingdish i was using wasnt a deep one so i could only manage those 3 layers.

Baking settings
Preheat at 200c for 15 mins, bake with cover at 180c for 30 mins (top and bottom), uncover and bake for another 10 mins

The verdict:
1. Meat and sauce wasnt well blended. Most recipe said to simmer in low fire in a dutch oven for about 2 hours. I have neither the 2 hours nor did i hae the dutch oven. Because of this, my meat turned up dry, but not flavorful enough.

2. Too little cheese. Need to be very generous otherwise coulnt taste anything.

3. I should hv added a layer of potato as well to hold the cheese better

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Spice world


I am forever forgetting what i have in my kitchen.

Sometimes i buy same thing twice.

So, dear me, please do not buy anymore of:
1. Coriander seeds
2. Rosemary
3. Hot chilli powder
4. Mixed spice
5. Black pepper
6. Nutmeg

Friday, June 29, 2012

Ipad charger


The thing about buying Apple accessories is you dont exactly get to see whats in the box. Its sealed as if you there is a ticking bomb inside it, and the only way you can know is by buying the item. Asking sales assistant most of time dont help, especially if the item is not their best seller.

So anyway, i have been wanting to get an additional charger for my iphone and ipad, as I usually keep one at the office too as standby charger.

Scouted around, googled hi and low, finally i narrowed down to these two items:

- the additional ipad charger
- the travel adapter kit

Why these two?
Pro 1 -Both charges at 10w, as opposed to the 5w that came with most charger. It shortens the charging time, especially for the ipad. I have not run a full test on it yet, but will do so now that i have extra cables.

Pro 2 -Price. I felt that these two gives best value for money. Compared to the charger for iphone at RM109, or the apple universal dock at RM209 (but without usb cable), or any other 3rd party charger which are more expensive.

Ipad charger
I like the fact that it gives me a solid 6 ft cable- a good length than the standard USB length. The downside of this item is that it is bulky than the ipad bundled charger, but it is a non issue for me cos i can leave this one a home or work, and use the ipad bundked charger as the portable one.

To purchase this item, i had to go to few places. First i went to machine in IOI mall cos thats the closest to home, but they are selling it for RM99 instead of RM89 as published in online store. I thought i might as well get it from online store , since i am not really in a hurry.

Next day i tried purchasing from online store - but whoaaa it turns out they charge RM30 for shipping if your purchasin is less than RM250. Aiyooh.

So no choice, i just went to macstudio in Lowyat to buy, and guess what? They are selling it at RM89! I loikeee! Of course Just grab it there.

As i mentioned earlier, they dont have sample, but since i kind of know roughly whats in the package i just made the purchase.

Upon unpackaging it, I was sooo pleased to see that it actually comes with two (yeap, TWO) Plug-heads, which means i can either use it as portable like the bundled one, OR, add on the 6 ft tough looking cable to it. Yaaayyy...

Just to share with others who is considering to get one, heres whats in the box

The whole lot:

Nice :)

The travel kit
Btw, why i didnt purchase the travel kit, it is indeed a nice to have, cos it makes it easier when i travel. But for double the price, just to get the different plugheads, when i can buy a RM12 travel adapter which i already have anyway, dont seem necessary. On top of that, I think i wouldnt get the 6ft tough looking cable in the package, which is also a downside to me.

In the end, I am very satisfied with what I bought and hope this will help you decide too, if you are considering to get an additional charger for your device.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bake a cake


Finally i managed to bake a cake that resembles a cake, one not looking like a kuih bingka and not one that looked like it was burnt to its core.

This time around i tried a different settings on the oven and recipe.

Recipe taken from :

Oven settings:

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Lil' things that make u happy


We have been anticipating the flower, and finally its here!!! Chewah macam la nak celebrate flower festival padahal bunga depan rumah je.

But seriously i have been wondering what colour it would be cos these frangipanis, do come in all sorts. But in the end i am happy to see that it is in shocking pink. Yaaayyy!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Laksa in da houz!!


In my quest to become healthy and after so many days of rice for dinner, i was craving for something light but fulfilling.

Spaghetti and fusion is kinda out, cos i had too many those for lunch this week AND the weeks before that. Choices of food is kinda limited at my work area so as a result balik2 makan that same thing.

ANYWAYS i dont know what made me think of laksa but somehow it just popped in my mind. So on my way home, i just stopped by to buy the ingredients:

  • cili kering about 10 pieces
  • cili padi about 3 or 4 pieces
  • belacan 2.5 cm
  • udang kering half handful
  • bawang besar x 2
  • Ikan kembong x 5
  • Daun kesum one handful
  • Bunga kantan x 2
  • Asam keping x 8
  • Laksa 500grams
  • Eggs
  • Salt to taste

To make the gravy:

Blend well :

cili kering, cili padi, belacan, udang kering, bawang besar


Ikan kembong. take out the fish and blend the meat. Keep the boiled water for gravy.

Boil in other pots:

Eggs (well done)

Laksa (for about 5 mins)

To prepare Garnishes:,

cili padi - slice thinly

Bawang besar - slice

Cucumber- cut long thinly

Bunga kantan (the top red bits) cut thinly

Red chilli slice

Eggs Slice in two


Senang je masak laksa ni if you have all the ingredients ready.

Just put together blended fish, gravy ingredients, bunga kantan and daun kesum, asam keping. Bring to boil until the gravy thickens.

Thats it. and serve with the boiled laksa and garnishes...

I am quite happy when My Fluff said it was 8/10. So certainly its worth trying again - cos it is something that we both enjoy having.

Bon appetit!

Original recipe taken from here

Monday, May 07, 2012

Guide to Eiffel Tower


Finally. On the third time in Paris, at last i took the plunge ( errr not so appropriate term there :p) . Anyway, they say if u dont go to eiffel tower you might as well dont say uve been to pahree.

You know usually I am most inclined to visit a place when the place holds some sort of meaning- like historically. With Eiffel tower i think it is kinda overrated. Paris itself is indeed the city of love but frankly there aint anything romantic about the eiffel tower specifically. I think there are gazillion other dreamy love boasting spots in Paris, but hey, different people have different views kan.

So why do i say eiffel tower tak romantic? To start with, the place is sooo touristy, ye lah every one who sets foot in paris mestilah nak visit. So you can just imagine the crowd, any given time of the day theres just sooo many people there. And the queue.. ooo my... don't get me started.

Waaayyyy too long!!!

Guess how long i had to stand on the queue before i reached the ticket counter??

T.H.R.E.E hours!! Yeap, u read me right. I kid you not the queue was long, and seriously memang its one in a lifetime thing cos tak larat nak queue lagi , ever!

Anyway, when i got nearer to the tix counter i noticed they do actually have separate queue for pre-book. I dont know though how or where can u book but i found this: link

You can give it a go.

For lack of better tool, here goes the pix snapped with my phone.

Monday, April 30, 2012



I must hv hated me so much that i inflicted pain on myself!

Itulah saya.... Ever so clumsy!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

The music room


Finally there. Almost..

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Doorless with CLS kitchen


I am half-hearted about this post, part of me wanted to share the experience, part of me think I shouldnt be too petty over things like this.

In the end I think I should just share what I have gone through fairly and squarely.

After scouting (but not for so long :P), we decided to go with CLS kitchen. Let me be frank with you, budget IS indeed is main determining factor for us. I dont have stash of cash/gold/diamonds lying around, so obviously where ever possible I would like to try to ensure the sweat blood is spent rationally.

What was good with CSL kitchen is that they offer free granite top and bottom skirting (standard colors of course. Kalau nak black granite need to pay more not sure how much though). There are three granite colors available: grey, orangish and the normal mix of grey and brown.

They do charge however on the installation of the granite itself and the cuttings of holes for the sink and hob.

On the cabinets itself I think is pretty standard, mind you, they are not customised size though. They are all modules - macam those of ikea. Like in my case, I do loose a few inches of space since my kitchen is not exact fits of their sizes. Another plus of CLS is also that they designed our cabinets to be ceiling-height, which then gives us additional storage and saves us the trouble of having to clean cabinet top (which is a relief ... haha )

So all in all in happy and dandy till the date nearing the installation date. Few days before scheduled installation date, I called to confirm.

First - I was surprised to learn that the person answering is a different one to one I was liaising before (btw ni mobile number). Apparently that person has left. I was stumped a bit, cos it was just the week before and this guy didnt say anything. But I was thinking, of course la, takkan pulak he wants to tell off customers about his career movements kan. Anyway after explaining again to him and confirming the dates and all, he assured me that the schedule is still on track.

Mr Fluff asked me to call again following day sebab I forgot to ask about making the final payment. Err actually I didnt really forget but I kinda not agree with the full payment system before delivery thing.. so malas nak bring it up unless they said something. They didnt. But I asked anyway cos in case they'd delay our installation due to that.

True to my fear, memang they wanted to re-schedule to which both me and Mr Fluff reacted. See we are both working, and weekends are kinda precious to us. We have also allocated the installation on the scheduled date sekali nak reschedule - when we already have other plans for the following weekends. We insisted and the guy said ok boleh, stick to the schedule.

On the installation day, they came and install. After like half way through the installation, datangla another guy telling us that the doors arent ready. I am like, what the heck?? So I told him off and he said he would call his factory.

He went off, I presume to make calls to factories and all. I waited, and waited, and after like two hours I began to wonder what is happening? He just went off, and now leaving us in the dark of whats going on. Luckily the other guys installing cabinet top and base are still around so I managed to get the number of that runaway sales guy. I called him and then he told me that they couldnt do the doors, cos the doors that was prepared by the factory was a bad batch. Geram sungguh. I was already spewing by that time, but I guess nothing much can be done.

They promised to call on monday to confirm. But no one called me so later in the evening I called. Still they could not confirm the delivery of the doors because apparently the woods arent in yet. Sabar aja lah.

By then me and Mr Fluff's evenings are already booked so memang tak boleh nak install pon on any of the weeknights. Terpaksa la do on saturday anyway. Promised us 11 AM, no one turned up. I called at quarter to 12, they reschedule to 2PM.

Just as we were going to grab our lunch at 1, tiba2 I saw the CLS lorry coming our way. Nasib baik havent left yet. tsk tsk tsk... my conclusion - memang they dont know how to stick to schedule.

All in all, I have to say I was quite disappointed at the whole thing, but I guess it could be due to the person supposed to be in charge of my account leaving the company.

Oh, and they didnt fix my piping right, cos the following morning when I started using the tap Ive got water leaking underneath it. They came the following night though to fix it, this time installing with better pipe. So in the end it was okay.

UPDATED: after all done, on final check I noticed something amiss, I doublechecked the kitchen drawings, and memang they did my frosty window wrong. Unbelievable. Not a major hiccup had it not for the fact that we do have other things we need to do on the remaining of our weekend.

But to their credit, they are quick to fix the problems and issues we raised. What I was more annoyed about is the fact that it took all four visits before everything was done right.

Overall, I think their workmanship is quite good, and had it not for the mixed up on the door, I would probably have commended them. It is just that it frustrates us that they cant get it right the first - wait , till the fourth time!

Other things that you should also know:
  • *The granite that they use is only a 20mm compressed granite. Not so thick and not so hardy, so if you plan to do heavy duty work on it like pounding batu tumbuk, need to probably ask a better one than the standard free ones.
  • *Because it is compressed granite, you'll see imperfections here and there
  • *The granites are pre-cut, 8mtrs long. You will see cuts between the corners and if your kitchen is longer than 8mtr.
  • *The cabinets are modules, so expect to loose some space in between
  • *They'd usually throw in and ask to use their home brand sink, tab, kitchen hob and hood. Though their kitchen hob and hood are cheap, I decided to go against their home brand, in case it'll be hard to service later

the joinings at corners & imperfections

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Hunger Games


Rating = A must watch!!!!

I didnt expect the movie to be so good, though critics and reviews I read said so. I wasnt expecting it because I dont usually enjoy fantasy fiction very much, but the way this one was written was definitely an exception.

So apparently this movie was adapted from Suzanne Collins book. Since I havent read the book I cant tell you if it was any better than the movie itself.

What I like about the movie was that the storyline itself is different but not too far fetched as some other fantasy fiction. Its also quite focused on the lead characters and dont side track too much on the supporting roles. Usually I hated these kind of movies because they try to explain too much and tries to include stories about every one in the book but this movie did none of that- it stays on with Katniss' journey and Katniss's alone.

And the actress, my gosh, she is GREAT. Jennifer Lawrence did an amazing job in this movie. I think if it was played by somebody else the movie probably wouldnt hold it together well. I am not sure if I have seen her in any other movie though but she definitely now is on my list-of-favs.

So peeps, watcha waiting for.... catch it before the curtains falls!

Oh, here's the trailer to entice you.. :D

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Masak taucu


2nd attempt still tak jadi.

But better than the last try,.

Ikan tenggiri 4 pieces
Bawang putih & kecik for tumis
Bawang besar
A bit of halia
Air asam jawa
And the taucu of course (one spoon)

Goreng ikan mcm biasa, put aside
Tumis bawang and add Bawang besar
put taucu and air asam
And water if necessary
Put tomato

Add in ikan towards the end

Look simple huh, still i cant get it right. Sheesh!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Where can I find another one of this????